Hi Everyone! My name is Nick. I am currently living in San Diego California with my wife Sydney. I started truly following Jesus in August 2016 and since then He has continued to change my life. I love being able to inspire people and I am called to build His Kingdom here on Earth.

I grew up in a Church, but lacked passion and had no relationship with God. I am always seeking to know Him more because God hasn’t aged a day and is more relevant than next weeks newspapers! My goal is to inspire people to come to know God in a deeper, more intimate way. Jesus said that eternal life was just that- to know the One True God.


  • Every word of the Bible is true, the Word of God has the ultimate authority in our life. The Bible is the living word of God
  • The only way to Heaven is by believing and confessing that Jesus died, paying for all of our sins, and rose again
  • The Holy Spirit is the Person of God on Earth today, performing miraculous signs and wonders through people today
  • There is One true God, and one way to Heaven, by faith in Him
  • The Church is the Body of Christ, a light that can’t be hidden, and the hope of the world today