Persistent Faith

One of the first blogs I wrote here is called Persistent Prayer. There is something about persisting and pushing through the resistance that is often looked over and avoided by many. I strongly believe that persistence is one of the top qualities God is looking to build within us. There is no shortcut here, which is why the instant gratification society of today avoids it. Persistence needs to be built, and the rewards for building it are great.

Why do we need to become persistent? Because God loves us more than we love us, meaning He is willing to take us through something uncomfortable to make us better, stronger, and smarter. Taking the easy road won’t lead you to greatness. Persistence produces great things within us, such as gratefulness, strength, honor, and focus to name a few. The easier something is for us to get the less we appreciate it and cherish it. God created us with a natural sense of awe and excitement for the things in life that are difficult to obtain. Today more than ever, everyone’s greatest achievements are on display for us to see, but often the process goes unseen. It’s easy to undermine success when it looks easy and simple. We need to take the journey ourselves to fully grasp the greatness. The journey towards success takes years, which allows God time to craft our character and teach us the principals required to maintain the success. If we somehow skip the journey we will never be able to maintain ta position of greatness.

God does not want weak children. It would be a disservice to us for God to keep us from everything challenging in life. Jesus took thirty years of His life preparing for three years of public ministry. He could have started when He was eighteen, but I believe everything He did during His first thirty years was necessary for His last three. Jesus is our perfect example that we can look to. If He had shown up and immediately started His public ministry it would have created an impossible example for anyone to follow. His disciples would have either immediately disqualified themselves by their past, or thought they didn’t need any preparation. Jesus Himself, the all-knowing God, did not need to prepare, but provides perfect steps to follow in.

King David had a similar experience as he prepared to become king. We often talk and hear about king David and cannot neglect shepherd David, or servant David. If David had become king as soon as Samuel anointed him to be king there would be no legacy. David needed his experience as a shepherd, his experience serving king Saul, and his experience as a warrior, to become a successful king. David spent years in the sheep fields unseen and unknown by anyone before he went anywhere near a palace. It’s safe to say that we don’t want anyone in the palace that hasn’t spent time in the sheep fields. The sheep fields were where shepherd David developed the persistence, care, attention to detail, and courage that king David needed.

“For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise” Hebrews 10:36

The writer of Hebrews said that we need endurance if we want to receive God’s promises. Jesus said this about people who hear His word and obey it; “They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock.” Luke 6:47-48. Doesn’t that sound easy? Have you ever tried digging into rock? Not only digging into rock, but digging down deep and wide enough for the foundation of a house. Talk about persistence and endurance! Also keep in mind that Jesus did not have any of the machinery we have today, He was talking about you and me taking time to dig out a foundation ourselves. And what happens when we get tired of that hard digging? Great question. Jesus gives us the only answer, and it’s not to stop digging or take a break. He says “Come to Me” (Matthew 11:28). Only when we take time to be in the Presence of God will we find the ability to persist, because we are not persisting alone, but with Him.


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