The Last Stretch

It’s the last stretch of 2018! Can you finish the year strong? Everyone is looking forward to setting new goals and a new vision for 2019. I can sense God looking at our goals for 2018 and urging us to push until the finish line. He wants us to end 2018 in victory!

In Joshua 6 God tells Joshua that He has given them the promised land. God has held up His end of the deal, and now you need to do your part. God tells Joshua how they need to march around the wall once every day for six days and then march around seven times on the seventh day. God asks Joshua to finish strong. I can imagine what it felt like at the end of that sixth day. I can imagine how they felt on the seventh day after walking around the wall five times. They weren’t seeing any progress. The wall was the same exact condition as it was on the first day.

How would you react? Discouraged? Would you start losing hope for the miracle to happen?

Were they walking around wondering if it was a complete waste of time?

On the seventh day they keep walking and get halfway around the seventh time, and guess what? Still nothing!

That is where we are right now. It’s the seventh day and we’ve walked around the wall a total of 12 1/2 times. We are tired and want to take a break, we haven’t seen anything shift. It looks like we won’t reach that goal, or meet the quota, start that business, or buy our dream home.

Whatever it is, God needs us to finish walking around the walls the seventh time. If we give up now then walking around those 12 1/2 times really would be a waste of time.

Now is not the time to stop and turn around or give up! There are two weeks left of 2018 and God wants to move powerfully in your life, it’s up to us to keep walking with Him.

We can find a story almost exactly the same in 1 Kings 18. Elijah is on top of Mount Carmel praying that the drought would end. As he prays, Elijah tells his servant to go check if there’s any sign of rain. The servant comes back with a negative report. Again Elijah prays and sends out his servant. Nothing again. The third time Elijah prays and sends his servant. No sign of rain, no clouds, nothing.

By the fourth time Elijah’s servant is getting impatient, tired of walking up and down not seeing any progress. By the fifth and sixth time of seeing absolutely nothing it would be easy to give up. To tell Elijah it’s not going to work. It must not be God’s will right? Wrong. Once again Elijah prays with the same expectancy. His servant goes to check and there it is! A cloud the size of his hand. Elijah and his servant didn’t know how long it would take, they knew that God had made a promise and that they would continue to pray and to look one more time.

The next words in verse 45 are Now it happened” The rain did not come any sooner than the seventh time. When we push through the mundane we step into the miraculous.

When you pray one more time, when you walk around the wall one more time, you will find hope, miracles, and start off the new year with momentum!


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