The Cost of Anointing

Have you ever wondered why it seems as though God only uses a few people for greatness? What would it take for you to become one of God’s greatest teachers, leaders, or ministers?

All of us are called to greatness by God no matter what area of influence He calls us to. He does not pick favorites (Romans 2:11).

God’s desire for you is to be great at what you do. He designed you for a purpose and wants to co-labor with you in that. Greatness is within you because the Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21).

If you’re not seeing greatness in your life don’t worry, it is a lifelong journey, but greatness comes with a price. Our salvation is a free gift, being great in God’s Kingdom comes with a cost and without any discounts or shortcuts.

Paul was undoubtedly one of the greatest people whom God used. Paul writes in one of his 13 books in the Bible “I press on towards the prize of the upward call of God” Philippians 3:14.

That’s our first hint that God’s calling for greatness is not easy. God does not hand Paul his ministry, wisdom, and anointing when he first meets Jesus, or in a dream. Paul knows that if he wants to reach his God-given potential he has to do some uphill climbing and pressing through. Paul has to push through the resistance and walls of mediocrity.

This is difficult in such an instant gratification world. Paul was pressing uphill for years and because of that he achieved a level of greatness few could ever dream of.

Now let’s look back to Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2 (ps. don’t name your twins these names). Elisha was Elijah’s student and desired a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. When Elisha makes this request Elijah says that he has asked a difficult thing. Elijah knew the cost and responsibility that would come with God’s anointing. Right before Elisha makes his request he shows his perseverance. Three times Elijah tells him to go away and three times Elisha says that he will never leave Elijah, no matter what.

Then Elijah gives Elisha the cost of the double portion of God anointing: Elisha has to witness Elijah being taken up into heaven. While that sounds simple, remember that there has already been multiple times where Elisha could have given up and walked away. Elijah has already told him to go away. This was soon followed by horses of fire; talk about a distraction! Elisha needs to pay the price for God’s anointing. He can’t give up, or get distracted by everything happening around him. God has told Elisha exactly what he needs to do, now it’s up to him to follow through. Elisha was successful. He paid the price for God’s anointing and performed twice the miracles that Elijah did.

Today the devil is using the same tactics to keep you from the greatness of God’s anointing. If the devil can’t keep you from becoming a Christian, he will do everything to prevent you from becoming an effective, powerful, anointed Christian. There will be countless times where is seems easy to give up, and I can assure you that distractions will never cease. People will always be busy. There will always be offers that sound appealing, but aren’t after God’s heart.

My encouragement to you is that you can rise to greatness and discover a new level of God’s anointing on your life through prayer and obedience to Him. God longs to spend time with you, which is a sacrifice because we’re all busy. And in order for you to be trusted with great tasks, He needs to trust you with the little tasks. The little things are never going unseen and will build a firm foundation for God’s greatness. Know that there is an eternal reward for all of your sacrifices. Keep pressing on and pressing into God, He will never disappoint you!


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